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Bit of a mix of different themes. All riding on inspiration and boredom.


I favor the Awesome. B)



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Stalker? Me? Nah...
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hi! I'm sugar-hype99, but I also go by hapeemonkey, FalinnV, Ghost Hand, and ZombeeMonkey. You can call me any of those names or whatever nickname you come up with. :3 Usually I get Monkey or Mini.

I promise not to bite too much! I try to be nice and tolerant.

A bit about me: I am 19, bi, and living on the East Coast.
I am an avid fangirl and shipper. It's really bad. ;3; My top three fandoms are Hetalia, Homestuck, and Attack on Titan (although Assassin's Creed, DRAMAtical Murder, Creepypastas, and many others are up there). I'm also really into yaoi, demons, wolves, gore, rping... Really, a lot of stuff!

You can find me on tumblr,, AO3, YouTube, livestream, noteflight, and various other nerdy places under one or more of the usernames I listed above. ^.^
I'm a lazy butt so I'll just reply to everyone at once. XD Thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday!! :hug:
  • Mood: Pleased
  • Eating: If I see one more piece of cake I swear to Satan


I'm a lazy butt so I'll just reply to everyone at once. XD Thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday!! :hug:
  • Mood: Pleased
  • Eating: If I see one more piece of cake I swear to Satan
I just went over twenty four hours without my phone. I had dropped it, searched for it for quite some time, and by sheer luck learned that someone had stolen it because they accidentally redialed the number I was using to constantly call it in hopes of hearing the ringing.
Now, it wasn't a terribly big and bad thing. My phone is locked with a Russian passcode (not too many people speak or read it in my area), it's two years old and super slow, if you have more than about three apps open at a time they will randomly close themselves, nothing life-important was stored on there, most of my stuff is backed up to multiple places, and as soon as it hits any wifi signal it will enter Lost Mode (which pretty much renders it useless). Just a little while ago I received a new one, so not much has changed.

But that whole day has taught me something about technology and people. If you're expecting me to say something along the lines of "it's a big world and there's more to life than your phones" you would be dead wrong. I already used my phone for three main functions: communicate with a small handful of people through text (and ignore my mother's constant calls), take photos of sketches to turn digital later on, and listen to music. But I was learning of my dependency on it pretty quickly. I would reach for it to check the time and suddenly remember I have to ask someone else. I would by idly bored and reach to play a quick game and take my mind off of things but have to stand there with my hands shoved in my pockets instead. Hell, I even almost got lost because my friends and I took two different ways to go upstairs and due to a miscommunication we ended up separated and guess what- I didn't have a phone so they could text me and find me. I was glued to the people with phones because without it I would be losing my link to other people, silly as that sounds. If I didn't have the ability to alert others if something was wrong even when we're nowhere near each other I would be in deep shit. I am grateful to have this technology that allows me to be self-sufficient in the case of checking time, location, or even passing time, while simultaneously connecting me with many people that I can communicate with at a moment's notice.

This is rather stupid and airy, so TL;DR I lost my phone but I got a new one and it is going to be surgically attached to me and there's nothing you can say that will change my mind.

Sidenote, apparently my mom's boyfriend has fucked up big time (of course) and so eventually, I will not have internet. Now, because I have my pretty new lovely, I will still be able to get online, but I won't really be able to post much if at all. Also, I have no clue when we will lose internet, but hopefully it won't be for another month.
  • Mood: Relief
  • Reading: Tokyo Ghoul
Destraction Cheebs by sugar-hype99
Destraction Cheebs
Chibis from the stream to fill my attention when I got sick of working on a project for class~ Considering how many more projects I have, I'll probably do more streams like this.

Violin © IrisHime
Mia and Pandani © Deamonfoxgurl
Yols © annicron

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