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Bit of a mix of different themes. All riding on inspiration and boredom.


I favor the Awesome. B)



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Stalker? Me? Nah...
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hi! I'm sugar-hype99, but I also go by hapeemonkey, FalinnV, Ghost Hand, and ZombeeMonkey. You can call me any of those names or whatever nickname you come up with. :3 Usually I get Monkey or Mini.

I promise not to bite too much! I try to be nice and tolerant.

A bit about me: I am 19, bi, and living on the East Coast.
I am an avid fangirl and shipper. It's really bad. ;3; My top three fandoms are Hetalia, Homestuck, and Attack on Titan (although Assassin's Creed, DRAMAtical Murder, Creepypastas, and many others are up there). I'm also really into yaoi, demons, wolves, gore, rping... Really, a lot of stuff!

You can find me on tumblr,, AO3, YouTube, livestream, noteflight, and various other nerdy places under one or more of the usernames I listed above. ^.^
I'm working on a project and it's stressful, so I'll throw up a for company and distracting cheebs. :3
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  • Reading: Tokyo Ghoul
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Destraction Cheebs by sugar-hype99
Destraction Cheebs
Chibis from the stream to fill my attention when I got sick of working on a project for class~ Considering how many more projects I have, I'll probably do more streams like this.

Violin © IrisHime
Mia and Pandani © Deamonfoxgurl
Yols © annicron
I'm working on a project and it's stressful, so I'll throw up a for company and distracting cheebs. :3
  • Mood: Cat Fight
  • Reading: Tokyo Ghoul
  • Watching: Minx & Friends Play Prophunt
Orquidea Castillo ref by sugar-hype99
Orquidea Castillo ref
EDIT: Added her holograph and a back reference. Not sure how I feel about her holo, though... XP Also minor bits of editing here and there and she has a few more friends. :3
Whoops, almost forgot! Pose for back was referenced from this downloads.xdesktopwallpapers.c…

EDIT 2: Updated human and dragon form because I hated the old ones.

:bulletblue:--Basic Info--:bulletblue:
Name: Orquídea Castillo
Meaning: Orchid
Nicknames: Orchid, Ori, Florista/Flower Girl (only in Mexico City), Orca (mean), Qi-qi (by real little ones), Kiddy (by Rosa)
Species: MTT
Gender: Female
Age: 32 (Birthday February 12th)
Height: Dragon- 4'3" at forehead, 2'3" at shoulder Human- 5'5"
Hologram: Light blue horizontal teardrop (smaller end pointing to body) with a green dash inside and four purple-y pink ringed dashes radiating outward.
Saliva: Tastes and smells like caramel with white chocolate
S.O.: Straight
Mate: None
Occupation: Elementary school teacher, ex-hussler/gambler
Alliance: None
Other: Can 'stickify' her legs like all MTTs when in dragon form. Flesh and blood are yellow, but the inside of her mouth is the same green as her inner ears. Irises are darker blue than markings. Being an MTT, she can switch her tail holograph on/off at will in either form; it makes light-saber-y sound when moving through the air. She has a gold hoop earring in the outer lower rim of each ear, though she occasionally will change them out for smaller earrings that won't get tangled in her hair. On her left cheek she has a dimple.

Personality: Friendly, talkative, and highly confident. She can get annoying since she can be a bit overbearing. She will not hesitate to put others in their place when speaking rudely to her. Most of that is due to working with small children and she can't really switch it off. When she is not working and Rosa isn't home she will sometimes fall back into the habit of gambling, but nowhere near as badly as she was before. At these places she comes off as either cocky or a quiet loner, depending on her mood and consumption of alcohol. She never lets herself get more than buzzed when going out, although it does make her giggle a lot.

History: Orquidea grew up near Mexico City in the bad parts of town. Her mother died a few short years after she was born, so she didn't get to know her well. She had a father, two older and one younger sibling to look after her, however money was tight and taking care of four children was expensive. By 16 Ori was already hitting the streets to find money, as her father was a deadbeat and her brothers and sister needed food in their mouths.
She didn't sell her body (something she prides herself in), instead finding solace in a casino not too far from home. She started as a simple pickpocket, dolling herself up and being a "lady luck" to the men playing, but soon learned the games. She became a skilled hustler and gambler by 21. The regulars at the casino knew her as the infamous Florista (Flower Girl), having lost much to her sly ways. They never kicked her out, though, because she was charismatic with them, and they also saw it as a challenge: who could outwit the deceivingly sweet woman decorated in flowers?
She did, however, have to learn how to defend herself against those who caught her and were willing to hit a woman. Between self-teachings and close friends in similar 'lines of work', she grew a bit of muscle and learned some basic self-defense techniques.

Her life seemed set on the typical bad tracks of her neighborhood, but it all changed when her father hooked up with a yol. She was very kind and sweet, and Ori and her siblings loved her like their own mother. Life was great. Home was once more a happy place to be. Until they found out the yol was pregnant by an unknown father. Ori's father grew more distant than before, often leaving the house for who knows where. When he was there he was very angry and usually drunk. About a month or so after the news the baby yol was born. Unfortunately it's mother died in childbirth, and Ori's father wanted nothing to do with the baby. It was a wake-up call to Orquidea.
In order to set her life straight (and save the abandoned child), Ori left with the young yol to Junction City. By then her siblings were old enough to take care of themselves, so she felt it was safe to leave them. She named the yol Rosa and raised her as a sister. Today her hustling days are over. She got a job as a teaching assistant, which quickly grew to a full-time job due to her outstanding performance with the kids and her bilingual abilities. Rosa is now 6 and attending school.

Likes/Dislikes: Loves children. She grew fond of poker and numerous other card games. She doesn't like the smell of cologne, people who think kids are nuisances, womanizers, loud drunks, and being man-handled physically or verbally. Strangely though, she loves the smell of most cigars, and occasionally has divulged herself with one.

-She can speak Spanish and English, often mixing the two
-She doesn't like telling anyone what she used to do, and if she does it's because she trusts that person not to treat her differently because of it
-She is a good cook and will make many spicy foods
-Even when talking to adult friends she can and will use her "teacher voice" Bewaaaarrrreee

:bulletgreen: Rosa Castillo - Family. Raised from birth as stepsister.
:bulletgreen: Relapse Macklemore - Friend. Met at the gardens while visiting with Rosa.
:bulletgreen: Crosshatch - Friend. Met when he did a presentation for her class. Feeds him spicy home cooking.
:bulletgreen: Linkin Cassus - Doesn't like him. Rude and sour.
:bulletgreen: Yama Skulli Pixie - Friend. Cooks spicy foods together.
:bulletgreen: Cas Zecc - Friend. Met at the mall and he helped with clothes shopping.
:bulletgreen: Kailey Orris - Babysits Rosa.
:bulletgreen: Parallel Lines - Coworker.

(She's always open to friends! She's not picky. :3)

Orquídea and Rosa Castillo belong to me.
MTTs and Yols belong to annicron.
This design was purchased as a gift by Bakaar from annicron. MTTs are not an open species.
Gaston Ref by sugar-hype99
Gaston Ref
EDIT - Updated his voice and added a view of his horns in the back.

:bulletpink::bulletorange:--Basic Info--:bulletorange::bulletpink:
Name: Gaston Bissette
Nickname(s): Noodlearms, Unicorn Boy
Species: Yol
Gender: Male
Age: 31 (Birthday February 7th)
Ethnicity: French
Birthplace: Monaco
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 190lbs idk
Body Type: Long and lean, more toned legs
Eyes: Burning sunset orange~
Hair: Naturally pink, dyes it brown (that means EVERYTHING)
Horns: One little horn in the center of his forehead; Right horn curls behind head to point left; Left horn curls back under right horn and sticks a little out to the right
Other: Flesh and blood are yellow, but inside of mouth is same light orange as the inside of his ears. Back of ears, tail stripes, and horn stripes are purple. Scar on left cheek.
Saliva Flavor: Grape jelly
S.O.: Idk maybe bi? With a lean towards females??
Mate: None

Occupation: Performer - Brother/sister acrobalance
Allergies: Peanuts
Current Residence: Monk and Valor's travelling circus
Tattoos: None
Jewelry: One gold stud in upper right ear. Two dangly hoop earring things.

Personality: Friendly, "suave" (not as smooth as he thinks), man-child in many aspects, likes a good laugh. Surprisingly attentive and ever since finding a psychology book someone dropped asks everyone about their feelings. When someone snaps at him he'll either sulk away or sulk away and return two minutes later to continue pestering them, depending on the person.

History: He and his sister were born in Monaco, but they grew up with the circus.

Hobbies: Wooing visitors with his French charm and good looks, avoiding chores, balancing wherever and whenever

Likes: Playing boardgames, hanging with the animals, intricate jewelry, trying new things, going around shirtless/as little clothing as possible, layered/decorative clothing funnily enough, fantasy-type music

 Swimming, angry people, antagonism toward the performers, the fact that he can't have a pb&j, brushing his hair

Education: Whatever the circus peeps taught him

Cleanliness: Doesn't like to brush his curly as heck hair (his sister forces him to do so when it gets too awful), a little lazy when picking up after himself.


-Has a bit of a French accent.
-Speaks fluent English, French, and German.
-Plays the trumpet BECAUSE TRUMPETS RULE as well as the guitar



:bulletpink:Sonya Applewood
:bulletpink:Ribstein Ecklemoore
:bulletpink: Incense - Frenemy? Friends with unbenefits?

P.S. He's not wearing clothes

Gaston belongs to me.
MTTs and Yols belong to annicron.
Yol are an open species. MTTs are not.
I Can Be Soulless If I Want by sugar-hype99
I Can Be Soulless If I Want
Warm up for today, as well as a small retaliation. My last assignment was a self portrait and I tried to keep my eyes blank as long as possible, but my teachers kind of ganged up on me to encourage me to fill them in. XD

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